Annual Chowder Cup Race

All sailors are invited to participate in the annual IBYC Chowder Cup Race. Even if you have never raced before, you should consider participating in this event as it represents more of an organized sail around the bay than a high-pressure racing challenge. There is no entry fee and a starting time will be assigned upon request.

The IBYC Chowder Cup Race is a pursuit format race which eliminates the “White Knuckle” starting sequence that keeps some people from racing. In the pursuit format each boat’s handicap is used to assign a starting time. This staggered start means that each boat almost always starts without any competitors in the immediate vicinity. Since the highest handicap (and theoretically slowest) boats start first, even the slowest boats will be leading the race at some point. If every boat is sailed consistent with its handicap, all boats should reach the finish line at about the same time and the first to finish is the winner. A link to the race instructions is below and are the instructions are posted on the upper dock house. You can be assigned a starting time for your boat if it is not already listed. Contact John Matthews Email Phone:(978)618-6685 with questions.

Click here for the race instructions

Click here for the starting times

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